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“This outstanding album embraces a broad musical spectrum while retaining core elements of our choral and classical traditions. History, heritage, nature and the changing world influence each song, especially The Right Words, a journey every bit as gentle and dramatic as the earth’s landscape itself.”
Hilary Robinson (Music Week, Radio 2)

From the vocal purity of soprano Elin Manahan Thomas and the legendary and soulful Muscle Shoals Horns and Rhythm Section to the punchy harmonies of hunky classical boyband Blake and the distinctive voice of actress Honor Blackman, Songs is a unique album of highly melodic, spiritually uplifting and lavishly orchestrated works by Adrian Munsey, with words by lyricist Jeff Chegwin.
Six years in the making, Songs is a potent and varied mix of sentimentality, nostalgia, melancholy and stirring emotion, featuring different interpretations of the same songs, its extraordinary line-up of performers completed by tenor Will Martin, soprano Jane Alexander, the Treorchy Male Voice Choir, the St. Joseph’s Youth Choir and the Crouch End Festival Chorus. Two fine orchestras, the City of Prague Philharmonic and the English Studio Orchestra, provide the backing in arrangements conducted by Paul Bateman.

Track Listing

1. Faraway Place
2. Waiting
3. The Star Who Fell from Grace
4. The Right Words
5. Hymn to Muscle Shoals
6. Voice of an Angel
7. Beautiful Earth
8. Real Love
9. Christmas Time
10. Voice of an Angel
11. I’ve Been Praying
12. Faraway Place
13. The Star Who Fell from Grace
14. Song for a Young Child


Faraway Place: The Treorchy Male Voice Choir

Adrian’s single release Faraway Place was performed by the Treorchy Male Voice Choir on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

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