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Images of Nature Book announced for Publication

Publication Date: 17 October 2014

Title: The Sky That Loved Me

Images of Nature is a comprehensively illustrated book that describes the history of attitudes to nature from prehistoric times to the present.

Author Adrian Munsey visited over 100 inspiring landscapes across the British Isles including Stonehenge, Avebury, Stourhead and Chatsworth, and displays them with extracts from poetry and philosophy to illuminate the attitude of man towards the natural world.

“An extra-ordinary sensibility…an incredible eye…” Professor David Tuckett, Faculty of Brain Sciences, University College London

Adrian began work on Images of Nature in 1976, when he first toured Britain as a romantic young artist.  However, life took over, and he never completed his love letter to the places that touched his soul all those years ago – until now.  Images of Nature is part evocation, part description, part elucidation and part guidebook – and includes Britain’s most stunning prehistoric, Celtic, and medieval landscapes, romantic spots, memorable buildings and picturesque gardens.

Images of Nature is published by Odyssey, RRP £25. ISBN 978-0-9555871-1-5

About the Author – Adrian is a film and television producer.  However, music, both classical and popular, has been a lifelong passion, and his latest album Full Circle reached No 20 in the Radio 3 Classic Chart. Images of Nature is released with its own theme tune, performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and a DVD Inner Landscapes, which presents film of Adrian’s favourite landscapes set to his music.

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