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Film Score


Adrian has composed the score for the feature film Oxi, written and directed by the award-winning Ken McMullen and starring John Shrapnel, Gabriella Wright, Lex Shrapnel, Dominique Pinon, Eleni Kallia and Alexis Georgopoulos. The score is performed by the Medici Quartet and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

OXI premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on October 16th, 2014 and was previously shown at the 2014 Moscow Film Festival.

“A landmark at the edge of our understanding. Enriching, engrossing and irresistibly enigmatic, Ken McMullen’s documentary turns crisis and catharsis into something much more than a Greek tragedy.”  
Dog and Wolf

The OXI film score was released as part of Adrian’s Agnus Dei album

Track Listing

1. Agnus Dei (Dona Nobis Pacem) 4.05

Childhood Suite

1. In My Room 4.11
2. Toy Soldiers 2.04
3. Struggle 5.09
4. “It Isn’t Fair” 3.41
5. Hope 4.46

Oxi: An Act of Resistance

1. Opening 0.51
2. Main Theme 1.52
3. Sphinx First Theme 1.23
4. The Sea_Synth Groove 1.53
5. Sphinx Variation 2.08
6. Requiem Elegy 1.22
7. Sphinx Second Theme 2.08
8. Elegy & Requiem Reprise 2.38
9. Faces 2.43
10. End Titles 3.53

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