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E M Forster’s only unfilmed novel THE LONGEST JOURNEY now in pre-production

Said to be E.M. Forster’s own favourite of all his novels – and also the most autobiographical – The Longest Journey was published in 1907 and is described by Forster as the one he is ‘most glad to have written’. Set in the early years of the twentieth century, it tells the moving story of Rickie Elliot, a young man forced to abandon his hopes, dreams and passions through a compulsion to ‘do the right thing’. Trapped in a world of petty conformity and a loveless marriage, his life descends into failure and eventually tragedy. But his life-story – the ‘longest journey’ of the title – ends with a hopeful, if sadly ironic, twist.

Clinton & the Clintons

The story of a fatherless child, his wife and their daughter – and the running of the most powerful country in the world. It started in Little Rock, Arkansas and ended in the White House – nearly twice. The story of the Clintons’ rise to the pinnacle of power is a portrait of political and personal struggle over enormous obstacles – involving great courage, considerable achievement and many scandals.

This exciting documentary fully examines the Clintons’ personal and political lives with important contributions from many who know them well.

Also, a major feature based on a novel by a world-famous English author is about to start pre-production. More information coming soon…

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